Current Auction: Indianapolis Catalogue - November 14, 2020

November Online Catalogue International Antique Tool Auction

Lot: OC20-164
Maker: the Fulton Tool Company, New York, New York
Length: 12.750 Inches
Condition: GOOD+
Patent: 389384
Estimate: $125.00 - $250.00
Time Remaining: LOADING...

An example of HEBBELWAITHE'S PATENT MULTI-PURPOSE HAMMER as offered by the Fulton Tool Company, New York, New York. This example of the September 11, 1888 U.S. Patent of John H. Hebbelwaite of Rock Falls, Illinois is marked with the designation "Fulton Utility". It was sold by Sears Roebuck and Company and is shown in their 1916 catalogue. The hammer combines the functions of a hammer, wrench and staple puller into a single tool incapable of adequately performing any of its assigned functions, and consequently a desirable collectible tool.
Current High Bid: $0.00

This tool will be sold at auction on November 14, 2020 .

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