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Indianapolis Fall International Catalogue Antique Tool Auction

Lot: OC19-600
Length: 55.000 Inches
Condition: FINE
Patent Paper: 912
Estimate: $15000.00 - $30000.00
An extremely rare and nearly perfectly preserved EARLY WALL MOUNT PATENTED CORN SHELLER as patented by Rufus Porter of Billerica, Massachusetts on September 12, 1838. Only four examlples of this sheller are known to exist. Of those, two are in public museum collections, including one at the Rufus Porter Museum in Bridgton, Maine. The other is in a private museum. This is, by far, the finest example of this sheller known extant. It retains fully 95% of its early yellow and green paint. It was originally purchased at the five-day auction of the tool collection of legendary Long Island collector James A. "Archie" Keillor in the late 1960's. The device, which was designed for mounting on the wall of a barn, is in perfect mechanical condition. Turning the great wheel engages the leather belt, which moves the wooden "fingers" inside the opening on the left side to remove the kernels from the corn. Given the large number of individual parts and the great labors that would have been demanded of them, these shellers were almost certainly prone to regular instances requiring repair or resetting. Rufus Porter is best known to tool collectors for the framed gravity inclinometers of his manufacture; however, he is more widely known and esteemed as the founder of Scientific American magazine and the motive force behind the development of the Rufus Porter School of Landscape Painting and an itinerant painter of murals in early American homes. This magnificent early tool of American agricultural is a synthesis of the considerable artistic and technical skills of Rufus Porter and a lasting testament to the spirit of creativity that motivated all Americans during the period of its invention. Simply a great patented corn sheller and a great piece of Americana. Highly recommended.
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This tool will be sold at public auction on October 19, 2019 in Indianapolis , Indiana.

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