Current Auction: Indianapolis Catalogue - March 21, 2020

Indianapolis Spring International Catalogue Auction

Lot: IC20-275
Maker: the Kelly Axe & Tool Works, Charleston, West Virginia
Length: 12.250 Inches
Condition: FINE
Estimate: $1250.00 - $2500.00
An ORIGINAL INDUSTRIAL SCRAPBOOK OF AXE LABELS put together at the Kelly Axe & Tool Works, Charleston, West Virginia. A total of 408 axe labels are arranged in this book, which has canvas covered boards for binding. At the time it was originally sold, the following story was provided by the seller: "This book is an industrial scrapbook of labels used by the American Axe and Tool Company prior to its being acquired by the Kelly Axe Manufacturing Company in 1921. A few Kelly Axe labels appear on the last pages of the book. The inclusion of some Kelly labels brings up the supposition that Kelly may have, at one time, intended to continue this pictorial inventory after purchasing American Axe. Very few of the Kelly Axe labels made it into this book, however. Today, niether American Axe Company nor Kelly Axe Company exist. Therefore, this original scrapbook is a one of a kind find.Penciled inscriptions in the front pages indicate that the book itself was in the ownership of Kelly Axe as early as 1920. Historians might do well to re-examine the date in which Kelly actually took over American Axe Company.The book was purchased at a garage sale in 1991 from a retired employee of Kelly Axe who, in his role as mechanical engineer for the company, supervised the removal of the Kelly Axe manufacturing machinery from Charleston, WV to a new manufacturing plant in Tennessee. The book as well as other artifacts had been left behind as waste by the then company officials as they pulled out of Charleston. It was a stroke of luck that the book was salvaged.It is believed that this book had been prepared by the American Axe and Tool Company as an inventory of its existing labels, Such an inventory might have been done in anticipation of the sale of the company in 1920, but that is mere speculation."
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This tool will be sold at public auction on March 21, 2020 in Indianapolis , Indiana.

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