Current Auction: Indianapolis Catalogue - March 17, 2018

Indianapolis Spring International Catalogue Auction

Lot: IC18-553
Maker: G. Herder, Cincinnati, Ohio
Length: 16.000 Inches
Condition: GOOD+
Estimate: $150.00 - $300.00
A HANDLED FENCED OGEE CORNICE MOLDING PLANE by G. Herder, Cincinnati, Ohio. This plane, which has an integral fence is marked with Herder's A-designated imprint, which rates two stars for rarity in American Wooden Planes, Fourth Edition. There is a sliver of wood missing from the side of the tote, but it is otherwise in superb condition. Gustavus Herder is documented as having worked in Cincinnati between 1839 and 1866.
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This tool will be sold at public auction on March 17, 2018 in Indianapolis , Indiana.

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