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Lot: FL21-40
Length: 36.000 Inches
Condition: FINE
Estimate: $60.00 - $120.00
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An UNUSED EXAMPLE OF "BARDILL'S DRUM GAUGE" RULE as produced by Oscar H. Bardill of Red Wing, Minnesota. This rule, which is a specialized "wantage rod" for determining the amount of liquid "wanting" to fill a barrel and therefore establishing the volume remaining was apparently produced by Bardill and marketed through the Bardill Company of Red Wing, Minnesota, which was established in 1948. Bardill, born in 1896, was listed vaiously as a "clerk" and "accountant" for the W.H. Barber Company of Minneapolis who were marketers of meters and related devices for measuring and dispensing petroleum products. Oscar H. Bardill was the creator of a series of charts entitled "Bardill's Correction Tables for Petroleum Oils" which made allowances for the variations of density of petroleum and corrected the measurement to a standard for 60 degrees Fahrenheit so that readings taken at a wide range of temperatures were consistent with the actual amount of petroleum being measured. This gauge was almost certainly an outgrowth of those tables. A most interesting, unusual and exceptionally well preserved special purpose rule in unused original condition. As good as they get.
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