Current Auction: Nashua Catalogue - September 14, 2019

Nashua Fall International Catalogue Antique Tool Auction

Lot: FC19-253
Maker: the Multiform Molding Plane Company, Boston, Massachusetts
Length: 9.000 Inches
Condition: GOOD+
Patent Paper: 11635
Estimate: $250.00 - $500.00
A RARE ROSEWOOD BODY MOLDING PLANES by the Multiform Molding Plane Company, Charlestown, Massachusetts. This plane body has an interchangeable base to accommodate many assorted soles. It was patented on August 29, 1854 by Thomas Worrall, then of Mount Holly, New Jersey. The currently attached sole is a 3/8 inch size boxed side bead. This early rosewood body is consistent with the patent specifications. Later models employed an interchangeable handle that was secured to the plane body.
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This tool will be sold at public auction on September 14, 2019 in Nashua , New Hampshire.

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